JCSmedia loves life in the corporate fast lane. Twenty years after it was founded to help companies improve the way they communicate to customers and clients, the company has evolved into one of the nation’s premier on-screen consulting firms for corporate events.

Catering directly to top-level executives, JCSmedia is responsible for designing jaw-dropping corporate on-screen events, providing logistical support and expertise ranging from venue design and executive speech guidance to a software-based RSVP system for scheduled attendees.

While constantly in the air or on the road, the team at JCSmedia knows what it takes to satisfy some of the most demanding individuals in corporate America. “It doesn’t matter how long you have been in the business, who you have worked for, or what you did for your clients last year,” says Joseph Stanley, Executive Producer and Founder of JCSmedia. “You’re only as good as your last job, so make every experience the grand cru of all events.”

Just a few project achievements:

COTY Prestige IMM Event Presentations
Calvin Klein event designs
FedEx Investors and Leaders Meetings
Fortune 500 Analyst Conferences
Sotheby’s International Realty conference designs
Philip Morris Companies Shareholders Meetings worldwide broadcast
IBM product launch and webcast from Paris, France
IBM’s EBU and PartnerWorld Events
Bank of America mergers teller meetings in Beverly Hills, CA
clubMCI Awards Shows, thirteen city tour
@fashion press release with Ru Paul, NYC
800MUSICNOW press release on the Saturday Night Live set, NBC Studios
Coca-Cola USA Human Resources Employee Meetings, Atlanta
networkMCI Calling Card CD-ROM
WorldCom/MCI merger press release conference, NYC
Webcast GEAC Alliance 2004
FloorExpo Annual Events
Circuit City Store’s Inc. Analyst Conferences
Realogy Brand Meeting Theme GFX’s
Fortune 50 Event Productions
PTI’s Polygraph product interactive calculator
Delta Air Lines Employee Training
BPI National Sales Meeting Branding and Videos